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Are jammed doors and dysfunctional locks all that you see in your house, and is the sight giving you nightmares thinking of the venerable position you have in terms of your security? Well the concern is warranted, but there isn’t any need to lose your sleep over the thought. This is because the residential locksmith elite – Gallery Lock & Key Store has its esteemed operations covering all homes and residential properties across San Diego, CA.

Installation and repairs

Need to upgrade security at your home, by bringing in new locks? Or are you incepting a security structure at your new house or apartment, and need lock installation services? An able locksmith from can take all the load off you and install locks which justify the specific security needs of your living premises. We have our very own residential locksmith store and hence arranging the most plausible locks and supporting inventory such as keys, cylinders and chains will not be a problem. Just have our services subscribed for, and see your house being secured with advanced lock installations, within no time!

There hardly is any mechanical gadget or device which can go on working without any wither and last ages without maintenance. We at Gallery Lock & Key Store can tell you that locks are no different in this respect and need the occasional care and upkeep, if they have to be the infantry in your security framework to guard your home. This is why our acclaimed residential locksmith services are pivoted around lock repairs, and there hardly will be any lock which you will find is beyond the horizon of our skill sets to handle.

Got advanced security needs at your home? We can help!

Are you one of the cautious home owners who love to have water tight security arrangements? We support the cause convincingly and have hence, got our residential locksmiths to master the advanced systems and electronic locking trends. Not only have we been involved in setting up electronically controlled advanced lock systems in homes over the past decade of operating in San Diego, CA area, but we have also had our share of maintenance jobs for these. What this has all assimilated into is that Gallery Lock & Key Store is today the most preferred locksmith firm, which home owners love to trust!

Well, this isn’t where our specialized residential locksmith services culminate! We specialize in handling all the below for our treasured customers.

  • Emergency home lockout assistanceGallery Lock & Key Store San Diego, CA 619-215-9191
  • New lock installations
  • Specialized locking solutions
  • High security solutions for homes
  • Undertaking home and living premise security audits
  • Post burglary assistance for homes
  • Lock repair services for homeowners
  • Residential lock & key supplies
  • Garage door and mailbox locks
  • Rekeying locks in residential facilities
  • Key cutting services
  • Master key system setup
  • Supplying safes for homes
  • Installation of electronic locks for safes
  • Salvaging ill-maintained residential locks
  • Replacing faulty locks with new padlocks or others
  • Emergency lockout support services for homes
  • Eviction services
  • Peephole installation

So, give your home the protection it deserves by getting Gallery Lock & Key Store’s residential locksmiths to take up all your home lock & key qualms!

Master key in San Diego, CA

Do you own a residential complex? Are you a homeowner who’s tired of carrying and keeping a track of numerous keys? If yes, then a master key system might just be what you’re looking for. A popular option that’s availed by almost all residential owners, this system allows easy access to a property and also minimizes the hassle of micromanaging multiple set of keys. click here to read more

Nearest locksmith to me in San Diego, CA

Did you find yourself locked out of your own house in the middle of the night? In such a situation, it’s almost instinctive to think of a locksmith for help. However, most people find their lack of availability after work-hours a major concern. Phone calls are never answered, and those who do answer it demand an hour or two just to get there. What can you do? Wouldn’t it be wise to keep the number of a locksmith who’s a few minutes away from you handy? Are you wondering ‘who’s the nearest locksmith to me in San Diego, CA area?’ If so, you’ve found us! Gallery Lock & Key Store, a premier locksmithing firm, has been actively serving the region for years.

Rekey Locks Residential in San Diego, CA

People are quite picky when it comes to choosing a home. You want the home to look great and feel comfortable, you want the suburb to be perfect, you want the neighbors to be well-behaved and friendly; there are quite a lot of things you look out for. Often, people forget the one thing that matters the most – their security. click here to read more

Residential locksmith 24 Hr in San Diego, CA

Did you forget where you last kept your keys and are now unable to gain access into your home? Did you notice signs of a break-in right after you returned from a short vacation? Unpredictable events choose the most unpredictable times to occur – and it’s happened to us all! It’s how we deal with it that’s important. You might be on the verge of a mini-meltdown and make irrational decisions, but let us tell you that panicking will lead you nowhere.  You need to remain calm and collected and call Gallery Lock & Key Store for help. Why us, you ask? We operate a residential locksmith 24 Hr service in San Diego, CA area that was conceived with the sole intention of helping people like you in distress. We promise to be fast, and provide you a solution even faster. click here to read more

Home security locksmith in San Diego, CA

It’s said, there’s no place like home – and we couldn’t agree with it more. A tiring day later, the warmth, serenity and the comfort our house offers, rejuvenates our very soul. However, true sense of peace can only be obtained when you know the place you love the most, is protected by all means. By protected, we aren’t referring to the decade-old lock you’ve got on the door nor the outdated security system installed in your premises. The modern-day security scenario has undergone a huge metamorphosis from what it was a few years ago. If you’re still stuck in the past, there’s a huge chance that you might be the next victim of a break-in or burglary. Take proactive steps today, and contact a home security locksmith.  click here to read more